Alex Migit.


Meyers Briggs (MBTI®) INTJ: Mastermind - Imaginative and strategic thinker, with a plan for everything.

The History.

Adopted at birth, I grew up in a very small, rural town in central Illinois where the land is very flat. Think: miles and miles of corn and bean fields as far as the eye can see.

I very much wanted to know how things worked, so I was always asking “why” and taking things apart. Eventually my parents ran out of answers, so they bought me a very large encyclopedia set. At just 4 years of age, I dismantled and removed all the doorknobs and deadbolts on every door in the house and went out to play, effectively locking my mom in the house.

After having visited over 38 of the U.S. states, thanks to a colorful career in Track & Field, I decided California was where I wanted to build my life. I packed up 200 pounds of my essentials, and by bus, plane, and a few other means of transportation: I settled in beautiful California.

I’m not just California dreaming: I am California DOING. I have Vision, Purpose, Goals and Will. God is my Partner, and it is Wonderful.

Enter career…”I was in the middle of making a burrito one afternoon when I received a call to phone interview with 2 nice individuals at a little company called Hewlett Packard.” I accepted.

Build or beg.


Since day 1 at hp, I arrived with much anticipation and curiosity that I carried into every opportunity and challenge. I took advantage of every single opportunity available at the company, and set a record by getting promoted 5 times in just 2 years.

Realizing my inclination for technical ability, I eventually became a Data Engineer. Joining the Application DBA team proved difficult with no mentor, but I rose to the challenge and discovered something that aligns perfectly with my personality and my purpose.

After a few years in the E-Quadrant, I realized that I would never be rich and wealthy unless I did something More, so in January of 2017: I took Tai Lopez up on an opportunity to have my own business, and Revenue Source was started.

While I, formatively, operate in all 4 quadrants: I AM focusing on Big Business and Investing. I AM giving the most efficient service of which I AM capable, rendering the fullest possible quantity and the best possible quality of service in my capacity as a problem solver and a systems developer.

I decided to build, and I AM on the way to Wealth, Health, Love and Abundance. Every day I am putting in my 10,000 hours and imagining the future. Will you join me?

Always learning.


Let’s make dreams happen.

Tai Lopez

Entrepreneur & Mentor

Henry Ford

Ford Founder

Jerry Weintraub

American film producer

Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook COO

The Intro.

Detail oriented adrenaline-junky with a love for music, and a purpose for awesome.

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Alex Migit is a Digital Marketing Scientist & Strategist, with a passion for problem solving and systems development. A graduate of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities class of 2012 with a B.S. in Applied Economics, and over 4 years of IT experience with top Fortune 500 companies, Alex has extensive knowledge and expertise in business, and information technology and support services.